A little about me

My name is Ben Gochanour, and I am a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma studying Mathematics and Biostatistics. Outside of class, I work as an undergraduate research assistant with the Corix Plains Institue. If I'm not working, you can probably find me out for a run, in the weight room pretending like I know what I'm doing, or on the basketball court playing pickup. My newest big goal is to tackle a marathon with my roommates this spring. If the name of this blog turns into "How to Run a Marathon When You Have Every Running Injury Possible", don't say I didn't warn you.


That's the surface level stuff—what I do, but not who I am. I have always believed that life begins and ends with faith, family, and friends. The slideshow above showcases my family and some of my best friends. It is my faith and my relationships with these people (and others) that I believe truly define me as a person. In addition to writing posts on this blog, I hope to add to this collection of photos. I intend to take more myself, but if you have any photos you feel might work well in the slideshow above, feel free to send them my way. Thanks again for visiting my website; I hope you enjoy.

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